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College arts!

Well mid-term exam's almost coming along (although for Psychology, it already came.. and guess who was just one point off from getting a B-? :/) I felt I may as well show off some of the stuff I did in Art class, since I'm actually pretty impressed with what I did this year, despite us drawing nothing but inanimate objects.

Tons and tons of big pictures!Collapse )



I think I might be using tumblr now for all my detailed ranting/fangirling instead of this >_>

If anyone is curious, my username is limeandtangerines

Catching my breath...

I finally done it.... I'm out of high school forever...

Just one step closer to being an adult....



Next week...

Well today is officially my last day of high school ever

Next week I'll be graduating

Then after two months I'll be 18 and in college



I made a tumblr now

Mainstream has finally caught up to me at last


Breadth-12 pieces DONE

Concentration-11 pieces NOT DONE

Just short on ONE MORE DANG PICTURE. And I gotta make sure I finish it by this Friday (the deadline).

And considering I still got a Capstone to do..NO. PROCRASTINATING.

For those of you that are wondering why I am not at school, well the underclassmen, my sister included, are busy taking CSTs. However, since I am not gonna be in high school next year, I don't have to go to class until the afternoon!


Man is this one bipolar of an entry, or is it just me?

Did I mention how much I loathe AP Art?


Okay, I know I ranted enough about this on Facebook, but might as well tell the whole story.

So my Capstone is meant to be this original story, which is like the coolest assignment ever to me. However my story kept getting way too long and in-depth and I was afraid it would be too much for my English teacher to read (Especially since the minimum is 15 pages and I've gotten WAY past that, and it isn't even the main conflict yet).  So I have the brilliant idea to make a fake wiki page by using Photoshop, all by scratch. The procedure was tedious, but it worked just fine with me, and my teacher just loved the concept of it.

Then one day, Photoshop decided to be a cranky bitch and not start up at all. I tried everything, Running as Administrator, delete unnecessary files, every procedure I found on the internet. Alas, it was to no avail.

So as a last resort, I uninstalled it. Easy enough. So I found the disk for it, put it in and ran up the Autoplay program. However, it seems like it doesn't want me to go through the whole installation procedure without it crashing in-between...

There are no proper words to explain my reaction.

So here's a picture of George Harrison expressing it.

By the way, how was Easter, guys?

Well one of my friends just suggested Gimp... and it actually works.

Now my face is this


And my dad is planning on getting a more up-to-date version of Photoshop. So all is good now, I suppose.
Oh that's right. Because now I use Facebook to post personal stuff...

So for English class, since before we watch The Dark Knight, now we spend the rest of this quarter watching Star Wars. 8D Bleh, still note-taking in-between but it's better than watching um.. more school-ish stuff, I suppose.

Speaking of English I have to write a Capstone, which is basically writing an original story. If I actually get to finish it I might post it here out of interest o7o

I think I might slightly be better at writing now. RPs DO amount to something, after all! 8D

All this talk about English, I forgotten about my Econ. homeowork.

Something finally happened

I'm actually writing :U Well it's a story with just my original characters, but hey it's still writing. I figured since at the end of my Senior year, we have to write a creative piece, I figured why not start now?

The writing itself, in my opinion, isn't as pretty as alot of fiction I see here and elsewhere, but at least I'm just starting. Doesn't help that the beginning's soooo slow. I've just been thinking of tons of intense ideas but I realize most of them are going to happen until near the end of the story.. orz

I haven't really given it much thought until I started RP-ing for the past year. Before they used to be stupid random OOC stuff, but I sorta grew out of that when I used my OC's since I determine what their personality is. And then soon the RPs with fan-characters got alot of serious and I actually thought of them as good ideas for fanfiction (Which I might write if I get any better at writing)

So I just thought that if somehow being an artist or film editor won't work out, being an author is my next back up plan o7o

In other news, I'm seriously becoming addicted with "Criminal Minds". Then again, I always liked crime/murder shows since I was a wee girl. It makes me think of stuff I can write for Film Making.. but well knowing my class, they probably will only react more to humorous and/or stupid and random videos and that just... isn't me. lol I'm such an oddball.

To top it all off, I got to observe a trail for less than 10 minutes... O JOY AND RAPTURE!


I got nothing...

Since when does California translate winter as "HEY GAIZ, WE'RE GONNA TURN UP THE HEAT WAVE!!"
And this happens just week after we got "sunny rain" again.

And so I'm just wondering... has anyone played/heard of Yume Nikki? I dowloaded it after hearing my sister talk about it so much and it's.. really freaky.  Basically it's Earthbound meets Silent Hill.

My fave character is obviously Masada

I was not aware that the text was from a Billy Joel song :U Apparently because of that, my mom was offended.