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Something finally happened

I'm actually writing :U Well it's a story with just my original characters, but hey it's still writing. I figured since at the end of my Senior year, we have to write a creative piece, I figured why not start now?

The writing itself, in my opinion, isn't as pretty as alot of fiction I see here and elsewhere, but at least I'm just starting. Doesn't help that the beginning's soooo slow. I've just been thinking of tons of intense ideas but I realize most of them are going to happen until near the end of the story.. orz

I haven't really given it much thought until I started RP-ing for the past year. Before they used to be stupid random OOC stuff, but I sorta grew out of that when I used my OC's since I determine what their personality is. And then soon the RPs with fan-characters got alot of serious and I actually thought of them as good ideas for fanfiction (Which I might write if I get any better at writing)

So I just thought that if somehow being an artist or film editor won't work out, being an author is my next back up plan o7o

In other news, I'm seriously becoming addicted with "Criminal Minds". Then again, I always liked crime/murder shows since I was a wee girl. It makes me think of stuff I can write for Film Making.. but well knowing my class, they probably will only react more to humorous and/or stupid and random videos and that just... isn't me. lol I'm such an oddball.

To top it all off, I got to observe a trail for less than 10 minutes... O JOY AND RAPTURE!